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What To Look For In A Contemporary ICU Bed?

A bed is perhaps the most important piece of furniture whenever you talk of an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). It goes without saying that the ICU houses most of the critically ill and mortally wounded patients. Therefore, it becomes essential to take good care of the patients whilst providing them with an environment that’s comfortable and soothing.

First and foremost, make sure you equip the care space with the best ICU beds for all critically ill patients. It is important to note that different patients would have different requirements. Therefore, it is essential on your part to provide the patients with maximum comfort. It is advisable to rope in a reliable ICU bed manufacturer to ensure maximum productivity.

Also, here are a few prominent features that one should look for whilst buying ICU beds:

Design of the Bed Would Matter
Here’s the thing with hospital beds: they look immensely bland and uninviting. Design-led beds aren’t a priority because hospital beds aren’t supposed to look attractive. However, new-age designers are well aware of the fact that an ICU bed’s design has a major role to play in the overall appearance of the ward. Going for design-oriented beds would make the vicinity look a bit more cozy and comfortable than it is.

Height Adjustments are Equally Important
Ask any seasoned doctor and he’d tell you that the ideal height of an ICU Bed lies between 40 cm-80 cm. Measure the distance between the platform of the mattress and the floor and you’d be able to ascertain the ideal height. Again, there are no ‘standardized’ height adjustments as different patients tend to have different requirements.

Keep an Eye Out on the Weight Capacity
Much like the height adjustments, the ones dealing with weight are also based on a set of assumptions. The ideal weight capacity of an ICU bed is 200 kilograms (approx). However, this capacity can vary as customized beds are available in abundance. Apart from ascertaining the weight capacity of the bed, do also make it a point to glance at the installation process. The last thing you want is to spend an hour and a half getting the bed installed.

Get a Bed with Profiling
The profiling function is one of the most significant features to look forward to in an ICU bed. The profiling function allows you to raise the patient’s leg whilst he/she is seated in the bed. Such beds come with knee rests, head rests, back rests and leg raisers. The best thing about this bed is its adjustable positioning. The patient can be adjusted comfortably whilst lying in the bed. Most of these beds can be controlled using the remote.

So, keep in mind the following tips the next time you venture out to search for ICU beds. You might also want to buy a genecology examination table for your dispensary/hospital at affordable rates. So, what are you waiting for? Contact a seasoned ICU bed manufacturer in India as soon as you possibly can.

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