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ICU Bed And Its Features

ICU beds are used for intensive care units also known as critical care units or intensive therapy units. These units provide treatment for people who are seriously ill. Each patient has a minimum of two dedicated nurses to monitor constantly on the condition of the patient and give support with the needs. There is specialist equipment which is not available on the other wards. But beds are needed throughout hospitals. So how do ICU beds differ from the other beds in the hospital? Let us learn how an OT equipment manufacturer in India can also make a bed for the ICU ward.

According to the social and health care guidelines, each ICU bed should be an electric ICU bed, must offer cardiac chair positions that facilitate respiration to the patient. It should also accommodate a pressure-relieving mattress that has a foam base according to the dimensions of the bed.

The important features of ICU beds are as follows –

CPR Release
A button is set on the ICU bed just so that a doctor or a nurse can push it to flatten the bed platform. In case of emergency, this helps to quickly flatten the bed and creates a hard surface for CPR known as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

IV poles with hooks
The poles that we often see connected with the bed which helps to hand fluids or medications via a drip. There are typically 2 to 4 hooks that support the fluid bottle. Having multiple hooks becomes easy when you need to provide a patient with a number of medications. Having a separate wheel, the hospital staff needs to look at single equipment only to move at a time to avoid the risk of injury or damage. OT equipment usually has similar features depending on the need of the doctor.

Removable heads and footboards
This feature is very useful in the hospital ICU bed keeping an emergency scenario in mind where removing the headboards will allow the staff to stand behind the patient and give support. It gives free access to space which is easy for a doctor to work around the patient.

Nurse Controls
The built-in nurse controls offer many benefits like, lock functions to any patient handsets helping them to operate who cannot reach out by themselves. There are no trailing wires which may cause an accident while the staff is running for an emergency.

These ICU beds are best if used in a proper way by the hospital staff and the doctors.

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